Kyligence Offers Support for Amazon EMR Serverless

Kyligence’s Intelligent Cloud OLAP Platform now offers support for Amazon EMR Serverless, a serverless option from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that makes it easier for data analysts and engineers to run open source big data analytics frameworks.

Using automatic on-demand provisioning and scaling capabilities available through Amazon EMR Serverless, Kyligence Cloud cost effectively meets the changing processing requirements across all data volumes, according to the vendor.

Benefits of using Kyligence Cloud with Amazon EMR Serverless include:

  • Simplified deployment: With computation resources managed by AWS, users do not need to consider the life cycle of the underlying infrastructure and resources, greatly reducing the complexity of running the application and simplifying the overall architecture
  • Improved cloud performance: With the assistance of Amazon EMR Serverless to provide dynamic scaling, Kyligence Cloud can scale resources up or down more quickly, reduce build time, and improve the overall analytics performance.
  • Efficient operations and maintenance: There is no need to tune, operate, secure, optimize and build clusters running on Amazon EMR Serverless. The Operations and Maintenance team can easily perform tasks without deep knowledge of the underlying analytics frameworks.
  • Cost-effective on the cloud: Amazon EMR serverless automatically provisions and scales the compute and memory resources required by applications; customers only pay for the resources they use.

Amazon EMR Serverless is a big data cloud platform for running large-scale distributed data processing jobs, interactive SQL queries, and machine learning (ML) applications using open-source analytics frameworks like Apache Spark and Hive.

Amazon EMR Serverless makes it easy and cost-effective for data engineers and analysts to run applications without having to tune, operate, optimize, secure or manage clusters, according to the company.

“Amazon EMR Serverless is the simplest way for customers to run applications built using open-source big data analytics frameworks in the cloud,” said Luke Han, CEO, Kyligence. “Running Kyligence Cloud on Amazon EMR Serverless we can offer an industry leading data analytics platform for a number of data pipelines, shared clusters, and interactive data workloads—with a more cost effective approach.”

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