Kyligence Transforms Metrics Analysis with Low-Code, Intelligent Platform

Kyligence, the metrics platform company, is announcing the general availability of Kyligence Zen, a low-code, centralized metrics platform to define, collect, and analyze enterprise-grade metrics. The comprehensive platform rapidly connects business users to data sources, defines business metrics, and uncovers deep insights from a single, easily managed, and cost-reducing plane.

Driving unified and intelligent metrics, Kyligence Zen relies on its Metrics Catalog, which acts as a central location for users to define, compute, organize, and share metrics. Metrics can be easily organized through a tagging and categorizing system, and the UI is accessible for less technical users seeking metrics to inform their decision making.

Kyligence Zen is also powered by the Zen Metrics Language (ZenML), a YAML-based descriptive language that defines metrics, dimensions, and underlying relational datasets, including that of existing BI systems or data warehouse query history. This is the semantic layer that connects business users to Kyligence Zen insights; by converting technical data into business metrics, ZenML unites business users with the ability to understand, explore, and draw value from transitional data warehouses.

“Organizations struggle with inconsistent metrics, which impacts trust and slows down decision making,” said Luke Han, co-founder and CEO of Kyligence. “Kyligence Zen provides a new way to build a single source of truth based on a metrics catalog and introduces AI-augmented capabilities to automate data processing, modeling, and insights.”

Kyligence Zen also offers the following features:

  • Auto Root Cause Analysis: Reveals hidden patterns in metrics, highlighting statistical anomalies that inform the user of connections responsible for atypical value changes of chosen metrics across numerous dimensions—all at the click of a button.
  • Kyligence Connector for Excel: A simplistic, drag-and-drop tool for examining Kyligence metrics using Excel, enabling a user-friendly experience for selecting metrics and dimensions for analysis. The connector is compatible with all Excel versions, including Office365, Windows, and MacOS.
  • Metrics Templates: New, out-of-the-box metrics for users to apply to metrics data sets, accelerating analysis time by avoiding time-consuming template builds.

“Our data integration process combines data from multiple data sources, including historical data from the last fifteen years,” said Christopher Lecusay, co-founder and CEO at Edge to Trade. “With Kyligence Zen’s intelligent metrics system, we can easily and quickly create perspectives on data that our customers need to help them with their stock trading. We can build an entire metrics catalog in hours.” 

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