Kyndryl Bridge Reshapes Complex IT Estates with AI-Powered, Automated Insights and Plug-And-Play Strategies

Kyndryl, provider of managed IT services, is unveiling Kyndryl Bridge as the latest in Kyndryl’s digital integration initiatives. Through real-time, AI-powered analytics and insights for enterprise IT estates, Kyndryl Bridge enables advanced customization and control over mission critical operations. The aim for the platform is to offer enhanced visibility within an organization’s operations to prevent potential issues and act on them before they trickle down to affect business operations. Further, the enterprise aims to provide enhanced observability and analytics for modernizing enterprise functions, positioning businesses to be more competitive in a quickly evolving market.

Environmental signs within the market have dictated Kyndryl’s focus, revealing a need to close the gap between the accelerated innovation of digitization, migration, insights, and integration products and the slowing ingestion and adoption rate of these solutions. In response, Kyndryl developed an enterprise-grade integration platform as a service, making its operations digitally available as well as accelerating integrations from client infrastructures with digital-forward technologies.

Complex IT estates necessitate enterprises to evolve with their infrastructures as quickly as they do; in order to maintain the upper hand in a competitive business market, enterprises need to modernize and automate.

“A big problem today is that, by the time a CIO learns of an IT issue, it’s usually too late. The business is already losing revenue and customer satisfaction is dropping. The platform makes life easier for CIOs and their technology teams by surfacing performance and availability issues before they manifest as business problems,” said Michael Bradshaw, chief information officer at Kyndryl. “This is about raising the quality of service. The more insight that I have, the more I’m able to take preventive actions and the less impact there is to the business. As a result, the enterprise has better stability, and with stability comes more opportunity to look for creative ways to focus on innovation and helping the business grow. “

Kyndryl Bridge, Kyndryl’s integration solution, addresses a common issue for enterprise CIOs—balancing the functions of expansive IT estates to further both enterprise operations efficiency and achieve long-term business goals. Without requiring a complete and exhaustive overhaul of pre-existing technology within an organization, Kyndryl Bridge’s plug-and-play tool format enables CIOs to have increased visibility over their current technological infrastructures with the tools they know and trust. Kyndryl Bridge employs automation and AI-powered methods to connect, aggregate, and centralize siloed system performance data to supply critical intelligence via results analysis, keeping systems operating at peak performance and preventing impacts before they even happen.

“We’re integrating the market’s best-of-breed products and services, but in the context that our clients’ are asking for,” said Antoine Shagoury, CTO at Kyndryl. “We really took a crash course in hyper-personalization, rather than having a single pane of glass for operations, it’s about making it work for CIOs, CTOs, CEOs—all the way down to the head of engineering. It’s making it translatable and usable in a more effective way.”

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