Kyndryl Collaborates with NVIDIA to Accelerate GenAI Development and Implementation

Kyndryl, the world’s largest technology infrastructure services provider, is announcing a collaboration with NVIDIA aimed at enabling enterprises to deploy generative AI (GenAI) solutions rapidly and efficiently. Manifested through a combination of technology and expertise, this partnership will empower organizations to develop, implement, and utilize AI-powered insights to drive positive business outcomes, according to Kyndryl.

Kyndryl Bridge—Kyndryl’s AI-powered open integration digital business platform—will support the end-to-end lifecycle of AI development and implementation for enterprises running full-stack NVIDIA accelerated computing and software. Additionally, by leveraging Kyndyl’s outcome-driven technology consulting service, Kyndryl Consult, the company will further accelerate how its customers test, verify, and deploy GenAI solutions.

“While NVIDIA provides the hardware and software tools, Kyndryl provides the know-how, expertise, and innovative services to build the AI framework that customers can rely on throughout their AI journey,” explained Giovanni Carraro, senior vice president, global strategic alliances, Kyndryl. “Through this partnership, Kyndryl will help NVIDIA customers advance from AI testing to deployment to tangible business outcomes…[with] a unique mix of end-to-end services and IP, including Kyndryl Bridge, to support the NVIDIA technology stack.”

This collaboration is also adding new capabilities to Kyndryl Bridge, including the application of NVIDIA NIM to simplify and speed generative AI deployments for network and application management, as well as the incorporation of NVIDIA NeMo Retriever microservices for retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) use cases.

Kyndryl and NVIDIA’s combined powers offer customers access to both extensive AI knowledge and enabling technology to help them rapidly adopt AI and do so at scale, offering the following benefits:

  • Enhance GenAI performance, efficiency, and speed on Kyndryl Bridge via NVIDIA AI for a variety of industry use cases.
  • Increase overall value and create integrated solutions with Consult & Managed Services GenAI offerings on Kyndryl Bridge—including LLMOps, Data Modernization, and Infrastructure Services with NVIDIA NIM.
  • CloudOps- and SustainabilityOps-based, GPU-aware workload placement for increasing performance and delivery of insights with energy efficiency in mind.
  • Greater GenAI app performance—including AI-powered chatbots and virtual avatars on NVIDIA-powered systems—via real-time insights from Kyndryl Bridge AIOps.

“As generative AI can scale productivity and insight for companies across industries, many organizations are seeking experts to help them quickly integrate AI applications into their operations,” said John Fanelli, vice president of enterprise software at NVIDIA. “Kyndryl’s solutions and expertise in integrating full-stack NVIDIA AI can help customers rapidly establish and scale their AI strategies.”

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