Kyndryl Consult Strengthens Digital Transformation Efforts

Kyndryl, the provider of IT infrastructure services, is releasing Kyndryl Consult, a culmination of the enterprise’s decades of mission critical experience paired with technology integration solutions for guiding existing customers throughout highly complex technology environments, as well as promoting business success of mission critical workloads via pragmatic transformation.

A lot is expected of industries today; among these demands are rapid problem solving, keeping up with competitors, adhering to regulatory environments, and predicting complex changes within their dynamic business landscapes. With the introduction of Kyndryl Consult, embracing a reliable cycle of technology-based empowerment through Kyndryl’s global team of consultants, architects, specialists, and program professionals bolsters an enterprise with strategic growth strategies that scale with, rather than against, the business, according to the company.

Kyndryl Consult establishes a shared culture of continuous modernization; iterative improvements, alongside Kyndryl’s strategic global partners ecosystem, are designed to foster optimized business results. By offering customers a long-term partnership that builds on data discovery, Kyndryl Consult works alongside customers to achieve IT transformation throughout the customers’ IT journeys. Its services range from mission-critical expertise in IT processes, strategy and operations, native and hybrid cloud acceleration, application mainframe modernization, AI and analytics, network and edge computing capabilities, as well as resiliency offerings.

“Customers need a services partner that is willing and able to work by their side from design through execution and back to new discoveries that enable successful, sustainable IT transformation projects,” said Mark Slaga, global practice leader at Kyndryl Consult. “Kyndryl Consult offers deep technical expertise from decades of successful engagements across many industries, along with a robust technology platform supported by a broad ecosystem of partners that can help enterprises solve problems, overcome challenges, and continuously innovate to achieve their business goals.”

Kyndryl Consult builds off of the enterprises’ previous solutions, Kyndryl Vital and Kyndryl Bridge, to coalesce their individual strengths—creating a unified approach towards design and implementation of solutions, improving enterprise outcomes, assessing results, and continuously cultivating their IT structures for maximum benefit. Kyndryl Vital provides the co-creation vision, and Kyndryl Bridge brings its open integration platform for real-time data insights, adhered by Kyndryl Consult’s customer and partner proximity to achieve projects, and produce actionable, sustainable outcomes, according to the company.

Slaga continued, “while each of these pieces can be implemented separately, the most impact comes when we partner with customers via Kyndryl Vital to co-create solutions that are customized to the unique problems and needs within their organizations, using Kyndryl Bridge as a means to access and implement those solutions, and leveraging the brainpower within Kyndryl Consult to enable continuous improvement and innovation for the customer, rather than the traditional model of one-off consulting projects.”

Kyndryl’s release of Kyndryl Consult comes after nearly a year of being an independent company; the releases of Kyndryl Bridge and Vital, released the previous month, further empower the enterprise to continue its commitment towards long-term progress for its customers, according to the company.

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