Kyndryl Vital Supports Co-Creation Processes Accompanied by Kyndryl Bridge’s Management Efforts

Kyndryl, a provider of IT infrastructure services, is inducting Kyndryl Vital into its  line of technical business solutions. As a designer-led, open, and collaborative co-creation experience, Kyndryl Vital is a flexible solution that empowers the innovation process and launches customers’ ideas into reality, according to the company.

Kyndryl Vital highlights its human-centered, rigorous research approach as the foundation for truly intelligent, creative, and thorough business solutions. Citing their “outside-in” model as Kyndryl Vital’s hallmark, the solution looks towards human pattern and behavior data to inform the ways it helps its users create.

That critical flow of innovation is not halted by hefty integration processes, either; Kyndryl Vital integrates with existing systems, methods, and tools currently equipped by customers and partners for enhanced agility. Whether you are a new customer to Kyndryl or an existing one, Kyndryl Vital employs flexible and comprehensive strategies to support the innovation process.

Kyndryl Vital also integrates with Kyndryl Bridge, the company’s solution towards complex IT estate management and configuration. Solutions and workflows innovated with Kyndryl Vital’s assistance are manageable within Kyndryl Bridge’s platform, shaping Kyndryl’s solution landscape to be an interconnected one.

“Kyndryl Vital unlocks business value for our customers and partners by bridging the gap between human experiences and technical capabilities,” said Tom Rourke, VP and global leader for Kyndryl Vital. “Our designer-led approach provides us with a powerful basis for engaging and establishing a deep understanding of their business challenges. Together with Kyndryl’s technical experts, Kyndryl Vital will enable our customers and partners to develop innovative approaches for building mission-critical technology systems of the future.”

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