Kyvos Version 5 Delivers New Enhancements to Scale Growing Workloads

Kyvos Insights, a big data analytics company, is releasing Kyvos Version 5, delivering enterprise-class OLAP with instant response times and unlimited scalability.

The update provides businesses with a cloud native way to elastically scale and draw intelligence from exponentially growing data workloads, allowing enterprises to glean critical insights from today's largest data sets while also enabling real-time queries to be run on data as soon as it arrives.

Developed specifically for the cloud, the updates expand upon the commitment to scalability inherent in the Kyvos platform by introducing elastic scalability for querying, allowing businesses to scale up and down more seamlessly as data loads change. This elasticity also allows for improved segmentation of data workloads within organizations, meaning different business units can more readily run queries without slowing down other teams.

"As businesses move their Big Data workloads to the cloud, they are faced with the challenge of delivering self-service, interactive BI to their business users. The elastic OLAP capabilities being delivered in Kyvos version 5 allow enterprises to cost-effectively utilize cloud resources and deliver business intelligence with instant response times to users at a scale that was not possible before," said Ajay Anand, vice president of products at Kyvos Insights.

Kyvos Version 5 updates also allow businesses to run more real-time queries on data before it enters the cube, as well as gain deeper insights on query patterns and data profiles, allowing for the development of smarter data cubes.

Other features of the version 5 update include:

  • Elastic OLAP designed natively for the cloud
  • Smarter analytics
  • Data profiling

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