LSI to Supply PCIe Flash Technology for Next-Generation Exadata X4 Systems

LSI’s Nytro flash accelerator cards have been selected as the PCIe flash acceleration technology for Oracle’s Exadata X4. In addition, the companies have collaborated on bringing a new LSI Nytro technology called Dynamic Logical Capacity (DLC) to Exadata customers.

“Oracle Exadata X4 is a fully integrated and optimized database platform, combining hardware and software designed from the ground up to work together to deliver maximum performance and value to customers,” said Juan Loiaza, senior vice president for Exadata systems at Oracle. “Flash-based storage is a key element of Exadata, and LSI Nytro flash accelerator cards deliver the performance and reliability that Oracle demands for Exadata. The expanded flash capacity enabled by DLC technology further enhances cost-effectiveness, raising the value we’re able to deliver customers.”

Oracle is taking advantage of Nytro DLC technology to extend the logical flash storage capacity of Exadata beyond the system’s physical flash capacity. This software feature dynamically extends flash capacity of Exadata X4 systems with the same physical hardware and power requirements for a reduced total cost of ownership.

The LSI Nytro product portfolio of flash accelerator cards combines PCIe flash technology with intelligent caching and management software. Nytro flash cards are designed to deliver high performance, reduced latency and a low CPU burden for demanding database applications and I/O-intensive workloads.

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Posted December 12, 2013