LTIMindtree and CAST AI Join Efforts to Accelerate Affordable, Automated Cloud Infrastructures

LTIMindtree, the global technology consulting and digital solutions company, and CAST AI, a SaaS company specializing in automated cost optimization, are announcing their strategic collaboration aimed toward easing the financial burden of cloud adoption.

“This partnership with CAST AI has enabled us to offer discrete services to our customers aligned with their business goals and objectives,” said Nachiket Deshpande, WholeTime director and chief operating officer at LTIMindtree. “Through this collaboration, we are assisting our customers in deriving value from their cloud investments through enhanced end-to-end observability and cost optimization, along with freeing up their budget for modernization.”

Combining the powers of LTIMindtee’s Infinity platform, a multi-cloud platform design to enable cloud lifecycle excellence, and CAST AI’s cloud cost optimization platform, the companies intend to optimize Kubernetes management and costs in single or multi-cloud environments.

This is done without any manual labor on the part of the user, automating 100% of their cloud-native infrastructure for improved stability and limited costs, according to the companies.

“We’re thrilled to partner with LTIMindtree, a world leader in helping organizations navigate the digital transformation journey,” said Yuri Frayman, CEO and co-founder of CAST AI. “Our specialty at CAST AI revolves around cloud cost optimization. Google Cloud Platform alone has some hundreds of virtual machines on offer. The manual effort of configuring resources, picking virtual machines, and setting auto-scaling policies is overwhelming. And frankly, it costs more than its optimization impact. We automate the entire process, reducing your cloud costs in real-time.”

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