LUMINEX Provides New MVT Feature to Ensure Business Continuity in Complex Mainframe Data Centers

To provide multiple data centers in campus or metro regions with support for active-active tape operations, with continuous availability and redundancy, LUMINEX Software has introduced the LUMINEX Synchronous Tape Matrix (STM) feature for its Mainframe Virtual Tape (MVT) and Channel Gateway X (CGX) solutions.

In addition to complete data path redundancy between the mainframe and storage, any failures or outages of storage systems, network paths, or any component will automatically recover with no mainframe intervention and assured data integrity, according to LUMINEX. The underlying functionality to ensure continued operations for infrastructure failure scenarios is provided by the company’s synchronous storage mirror technology.

Designed for the largest and most complex mainframe data centers, LUMINEX STM is intended to be cost-effective and seamlessly integrate with LUMINEX’s disaster recovery and cloud storage solutions.

“As the largest mainframe customers have demanded choice and flexibility without compromise, we continue to listen and have again delivered,” said Arthur Tolsma, CEO of LUMINEX. General availability is expected during the current quarter.

To find out more about LUMINEX and its Modern Mainframe Virtual Tape solutions, visit LUMINEX is at Boot #415 at the SHARE conference in Boston this week.