Laminar Introduces Enterprise-Ready Capabilities for its DSPM Platform, Now Supporting All Major CSPs

Laminar, the agile data security platform, is announcing expanded support for major cloud service providers (CSPs) and data warehouse environments within the cloud-native Laminar Data Security Platform—including Google Cloud Platform and Snowflake—as well as a series of new capabilities that enable organizations to achieve enterprise readiness in the realm of data security. Now acting as the first cloud-native data security platform to support all major CSPs, Laminar’s platform is further enhanced with comprehensive, enterprise-wide multi-user capabilities to address the needs of all data security stakeholders, according to the company.

As a pure-play DSPM, Laminar’s platform is born in the cloud, highly automated, and easier to implement; as opposed to other DSPMs, Laminar discovers where data lives in the cloud for its clients, as opposed to clients discovering and divulging this information themselves. This renders shadow data or shadow repositories discoverable, as the platform can comprehensively and continuously monitor client environments without requiring knowledge of hidden data’s location beforehand. The Laminar Data Security Platform accomplishes its holistic views with APIs, which are native to cloud environments, to deliver a holistic view of a data environment.

“As data continues to grow and evolve within the environment, it becomes increasingly challenging to maintain complete visibility over the changes,” said Dror Zilberman, senior security engineer at WalkMe, a leading digital adoption platform provider. “Therefore, we wanted to implement a centralized system that would support all of our cloud providers and enable us to gain better control over our data. Our top priority is to prevent any unauthorized exposure of our customers' data, and we believe Laminar will help us achieve that goal.”

The addition of Snowflake and GCP enables Laminar to expand its coverage of use cases while providing a consistent, autonomous solution for an enterprise’s data security needs—including governance and privacy requirements for both multi-cloud and data warehouse environments. Laminar is now able to accommodate a wide span of data asset types which are common for a multi-cloud organization, according to the company.

“We are the first of these DSP pure-play vendors to offer complete support for all four platforms,” said Dave Stuart, senior director of product marketing at Laminar. “The data that we have shows that most organizations are multi-cloud…we provide a tool that lets them assess and visualize the data in all those places, not just one wedded to one of the CSPs.”

The introduction of numerous capabilities that embrace enterprise-readiness for users of Laminar’s platform focuses on summarized global data risk reporting and visibility configurable by data sensitivity, security posture, and other factors. This is done without data ever leaving the client’s cloud instance—ensuring that data is never put at risk during the process of classification.

Among these new features is the Laminar Executive Data Landscape Dashboard, which highlights data risk, exposure, and sensitivity across all business units, accounts, and environments, filterable by common security requirements and posture.

“An executive landscape executive dashboard provides a picture of data sensitivity and risk—we essentially compute a risk score,” explained Stuart. “That's something that we haven't seen from any of our competitors yet. It gives that high level view and helps CISOs and other execs focus their energies on the right areas of concern.”

Safe data sampling and previewing—another capability being added to the Laminar platform—allows data security teams to securely validate data samples with data owners before fix escalation or developer request, preventing unnecessary data exposure, according to the company.

Busy developers need to no longer worry about sensitive information being copied during experimentation that may pose a security threat; safe data sampling eliminates false positives and unneeded risk, without removing data from the client’s environment. Previews of sample data exist as encrypted, locally hosted, auto-deleting snapshots that temporarily expose anonymized user-selected data elements to data owners, all while sensitive data is masked.

The platform is also armed with best-in-class RBAC support, enhanced with granular filtering views, ensuring that only authorized users can view or edit data policies, take remediation action, and administer the system. Additional capabilities introduced to the Laminar Data Security Platform include data taxonomy customization, simplified scaling for large cloud data deployments, and compliance-based data segmentation.

Ultimately, the new features introduced into the Laminar platform serve to support CISOs and other execs tasked with handling data security, privacy, and compliance challenges within some of the largest, most complex enterprises, according to the company. The features are designed with their current challenges, as well as needs for scale and customization, at the forefront of concern.

“We want to allow for continued data growth without increasing the risk to the organization; essentially divorce data growth from data risk,” concluded Stuart. “We think we can break that mold and continue to empower those data users and data innovators—the data scientists that the engineers the creators—without incurring a continued growth in the risk to your organization.”

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