Landing AI and Snowflake Partner, Bringing AI-Fueled Computer Vision to Unstructured Data

Landing AI, the data-centric AI company, is unveiling its newfound partnership with Snowflake, bringing AI models and compute closer to data. By extending the power of computer vision to unstructured data located within a Snowflake account, models can now be trained within the Landing AI platform to then be deployed into Snowflake as User-Defined Functions (UDFs), along with pre-trained, industry-standard models offered by Landing AI.

This collaboration emphasizes security and governance improvements, AI-driven operation optimization, and the simplification of the access and deployment of computer vision capabilities—without increasing operational overhead, according to Landing AI.

“This partnership brings together the best of data and computer vision to help power the vision-enabled enterprise with actionable insights,” said Dan Maloney, COO at Landing AI. “Together, we are increasing access to the power of AI for more companies and use cases, especially given the rapid growth of unstructured data in our increasingly digital world.”

Through Landing AI’s computer vision technology, customers can enhance their AI-centric operations and further leverage the power of unstructured data. Additionally, all of Landing AI’s models will be accompanied by a Streamlit-in-Snowflake (SiS) UI, which democratizes computer vision for non-technical users.

The partnership further promises the future launch of several Landing AI applications on the Snowflake Marketplace, integrating Landing AI’s extensive portfolio of computer vision applications with Snowflake accounts.

“Landing AI’s partnership with Snowflake unlocks the power of computer vision on unstructured data. Seamlessly integrated within Snowflake, organizations will be able to train, deploy, and access Landing AI models as UDFs or as Snowflake Native Applications,” said Tarik Dwiek, head of technology alliances at Snowflake. “Our integration will offer joint customers the flexibility to run their ML models using configurable options to help meet the scalability challenges of even the most demanding enterprises. This tight integration, combined with Landing AI’s data-centric approach, will enhance model performance, security, and governance, revolutionizing AI-driven operations with cutting-edge computer vision technology.”

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