Larry Ellison Previews Roadmap to Oracle Database Version 19c

At the close of a presentation in which he announced general availability of the company’s latest Autonomous Database Cloud Service, Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing, Oracle CTO and chairman Larry Ellison also previewed new capabilities of Oracle Database 19c.

No Testing for Performance Regression

With the upcoming 19c release, machine learning continuously monitors workloads and identifies potential new SQL plans and indexes.

One of the “coolest things” is that as organizations upgrade to 19c there will be no testing for performance regressions, said Ellison.  “We think all your queries will run faster, except the ones that run the same, and that is the worst case.”

Third Option for Workload Isolation

With 19c, Oracle is giving customers a choice of deployment on the “serverless” ADW (automated data warehousing) and ATP (automated transaction processing) databases or deployment on “dedicated Exadata cloud infrastructure” for the highest isolation, said Ellison.

Some of Oracle’s largest customers want complete workload isolation with no shared resources, he explained.

“We give you the ability to have dedicated infrastructure,” where the complete stack is isolated from other tenants, said Ellison.  “You don’t even share the network—the network between the compute system and the storage system—you are the only one on that part of the network. It is dedicated to you.”

Those are the two choices for cloud deployment, said Ellison. Customers can have the multitenant system where they are optimizing for lowest cost.  The idea, said Ellison, is that "if you are not using the server, let someone else use it—and I think most of our customers will end up this way, but I think some of our biggest customers will like this idea of absolutely dedicated isolation.”

And, for some of the very largest companies such as those in finance and telecommunications that must maintain strict regulatory compliance, and want everything behind their own firewall, there remains the third option, said Ellison, “We can put the Oracle Cloud in your own data center” with Exadata Cloud@Customer.

Version 19c is planned for availability in January 2019, and hence the name 19c, said Ellison, but it might be out before the end of 2018.

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