Larry Ellison Unveils Database Protection with Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

Larry Ellison joked at Oracle OpenWorld that he gave the product its long name before he stepped down from the position of CEO, and new CEO Mark Hurd later quipped during the conference that he was away when the name was chosen. Yet, the name has stuck.

Oracle’s new Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance, unveiled by Oracle executive chairman and CTO Ellison during his opening keynote, is touted as the world's first and only engineered system designed specifically for Oracle Database protection, and is intended to deliver higher data protection, efficiency, and scalability. According to the company, when using many solutions to restore a database, businesses typically lose all data generated since the last backup—often hours to days of critical data.

The Recovery Appliance also aims to dramatically reduce the impact of backups on production servers and networks, eliminating the need for lengthy backup windows. The cloud-scale architecture enables a single Recovery Appliance to manage the data protection requirements of thousands of databases, avoiding the cost and complexity of disparate backup systems.

The Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance provides continuous incremental backup automatically captures real-time database changes—without impacting production performance and enables database protection as a service that scales up and out to protect thousands of databases.

Delivering “cloud-scale protection” a single Recovery Appliance can serve the data protection requirements of thousands of databases in a data center or region with capacity that expands seamlessly to petabytes of storage, with no downtime. Helping to protect organizations from disasters, the Recovery Appliance can also replicate data in real time to a remote Recovery Appliance or to Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service to protect business data from site outages.For more information, go to