Latest Aiven Release Makes it Easier to Access Kafka Ecosystems

Aiven, a technology company combining open source technologies with cloud infrastructure, is releasing Kafka MirrorMaker 2 as a stand-alone service, enabling enterprises to access the Apache Kafka ecosystem more easily.

“Aiven is one of the largest managed Kafka providers, and we’re excited to expand our Kafka portfolio with the addition of managed MirrorMaker 2,” said Hannu Valtonen, Chief Product Officer at Aiven. “Our customers have come to know and rely on our Kafka offering, and we have ambitious goals to continue to innovate and develop new services that enable our customers to easily incorporate Kafka into their architecture.”

With Apache Kafka, Kafka Connect, and now MirrorMaker 2 as a service, Aiven customers can specialize their workloads, reducing dependency while increasing resilience.

MirrorMaker 2 helps enterprises ensure data continuity by allowing them to easily replicate data among Kafka clusters.

Aiven’s multi-cloud platform further enhances this by allowing the replication of data across cloud providers.

MirrorMaker 2.0 itself comes with a number of improvements, including the ability to maintain offset mappings between clusters, critical for disaster recovery — one of the top use cases for MirrorMaker.

Additional MirrorMaker 2.0 improvements include:

  • Topic configuration is synchronized from source to target clusters, removing the need for external tools
  • Preserved partitions during the replication process
  • The ability to run multiple replication flows for a single MirrorMaker cluster and the prevention of infinite loops
  • Increased reliability, scalability and performance by leveraging the Kafka Connect framework
  • Users can now easily set up replication flows between Kafka clusters through the Aiven Console, the command line client, the Terraform provider or the REST API.

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