Latest Release of MySQL Enterprise Unveiled by Oracle

Continuing its investment in MySQL, Oracle unveiled the latest release of MySQL Enterprise, a comprehensive offering of production support, monitoring tools, and MySQL database software.

A key component of this release is MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.2 which delivers enhanced query performance monitoring, improved security, and time-saving integration with MySQL Support. MySQL Enterprise Monitor helps organizations more efficiently manage MySQL servers and helps reduce downtime by identifying problems before they become costly outages.

"DBAs and developers need solutions that help them manage their MySQL servers efficiently and allow them to identify performance issues before they become expensive, time-consuming problems," states Tomas Ulin, director, MySQL Development, Oracle. "MySQL Enterprise Spring 2010 Release offers powerful tools for query performance monitoring, improved security and an enhanced administration experience - all of which help alleviate many common pain points DBAs and developers face when building, maintaining and scaling Web applications."

MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.2 provides enhancements for collecting, searching and viewing query performance data, allowing developers to filter and analyze patterns that may hinder key system resources. New features to enhance performance include

Query Analyzer Execution Notices that pinpoint problem queries, allowing DBAs and developers to quickly find and fix performance problems; and MySQL Enterprise Connector Plug-ins that allow users to gather and send SQL and related performance data to the query analyzer. In addition, users can track SQL errors and warnings, end user response times, query execution times and counts, and with a single click, go directly to the offending query in the source code.

Additionally, MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.2 helps lower costs and improve efficiencies through GUI-based tools that monitor the MySQL database and help developers implement MySQL best practices. With MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.2, the User and Security Model integrates with existing LDAP authentication and commonly accepted security models; integration with MySQL Support eliminates the time DBAs spend scrutinizing the most common diagnostics needed to resolve issues; Advisor Rules and Graphs give developers increased visibility and management for all of their MySQL servers and enables them to implement best-practices related to administration, upgrades, schema performance, and security; and new usability enhancements allow DBAs to spend more time monitoring and tuning applications and databases and less time managing and administering the tools themselves.

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