Latest SnapLogic Release Adds Streaming Data Integration

SnapLogic is unveiling new updates to its SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform that add the ability to integrate streaming data and power big data analytics in the cloud.

The Spring 2016 release adds support for Apache Kafka, Microsoft HDInsight, and Google Cloud Storage, plus multiple enhancements that automate data shaping and management tasks.

SnapLogic’s new intelligent connectors, called Snaps, for the Apache Kafka makes it simple to create low latency big data pipelines without coding, helps make Kafka enterprise ready, and can be used  in conjuction with SnapLogic Ultra Pipelines.

SnapLogic continues to build its data management features for both on-premises and cloud-based data lakes with new support for HDInsight, Microsoft’s cloud service for Hadoop and Spark.

The new release gives users the ability, without scripting, to ingest data from virtually any source to an HDInsight cluster and prepare and deliver timely and relevant data for analysis to business intelligence tools or off-cluster data stores.

Additionally, the update adds support for Google Cloud Storage, complementing SnapLogic’s Snap for Google BigQuery.

Other enhancements include data mapping improvements, new transformation Snaps for Spark, Snap versioning, platform metadata Snap, pipeline execute Snap, and project spaces.

This release will particularly benefit expert integrators and self-service users, according to Erin Curtis, senior director of product marketing.

“The experts get really deep and detailed capabilities from our data preparation but then the ease of use that some of this stuff brings to the table really benefits the occasional user, the person who needs to create integration but it’s not their core job,” Curtis said.

Future plans for the platform include additional enhancements for streaming and more Snap integrations, Curtis said.

“We think this release will help our customers focus on data insights, not data engineering,” Curtis said. “We’ve been able to automate and facilitate these repetitive tasks in a way that makes it streamlined and effective. We’re really focused on helping customers get insight faster.”

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