Latest Teradata Database Release Supports Big Data and Big Analytics

At this week's Teradata Partners' users conference, Teradata Corporation announced it is shipping a new version of its data warehouse solution, providing new analytic features to support customers working with complex big data. Teradata Database 13.10 includes temporal capabilities, which enable companies to recreate information from selected points in time. Other new features include advanced and flexible data compression options that provide as much as 20 times more data, as well as analytic functions and expanded capabilities within the Teradata Open Parallel Framework.

"There's tremendous opportunities for companies large and small to seize the big data that they have to make timely well-informed decisions," Scott Gnau, chief development officer for Teradata Corporation, said at a press conference that launched the product. "Most enterprises today generate petabytes of data they throw away, because they don't know what to do with it. Their opportunity is to properly leverage all this data to see tangible benefits. But why don't more companies do it? First, it's difficult to capture and analyze this data, and it doesn't always come in transitional rows and columns."

The Teradata Database 13.10 is among the first to deliver intelligent temporal analytics, intended to make it easier for customers to create a historical picture of enterprise business transactions and activities. In doing so, companies now have the power to efficiently run queries, and analyze and manage data about how markets and conditions have changed or how they looked at any point in time.

"Teradata's temporal technology enables our customers to uncover business value with data that had changed over time, and to do with it ease," says Gnau. "By exploiting an enhanced time dimension, customers can now easily reconstruct a query. Who said time travel wasn't possible? For example, an insurance company can now easily manage risk exposure. All of this can happen without having to roll back the database hierarchy painstakingly maintained, or even write complex queries."

The company also announced the availability of Teradata Accelerated Analytics, a set of services for next generation analytics. In addition, Teradata is delivering a Plug-in for Eclipse that integrates with existing application development environments. Programmers can now write MapReduce applications in a simple drag and drop interface that use data and processing capabilities from both Teradata systems and Hadoop simultaneously. These environments enable accelerated development of analytic services that can be leveraged by applications across the enterprise. A Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in is also available for .NET development.

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