Latest Updates to Talend Data Fabric Extend Support for Advanced Analytics and Security

Talend, a provider of data integration and integrity software, has announced the addition of new innovations to Talend Data Fabric, a complete integration and governance platform designed to manage the health of corporate information. According to Talend the enhancements provide data professionals with high-performance integrations to cloud intelligence platforms, a self-service API portal, collaborative data governance capabilities, and private connections between Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure to ensure data security.

Separately, in late July, Talend and Thoma Bravo also announced that Tahoe Bidco B.V., an affiliate of Thoma Bravo, had concluded its tender offer to acquire all of the outstanding ordinary shares of Talend for $66 per ordinary share and ADS in cash,  in a deal valued at approximately $2.4 billion.

According to Talend, the pandemic has shown that it has never been more important for businesses to become data-driven.  Despite years of investment in business applications, process automation, analytics, and more, recent research from Talend shows that 78% of executives still have challenges making data-driven decisions. This is partially explained by the fact that 60% of executives don’t always trust the data they work with.

“One of the biggest crises businesses face today is a lack of agility caused by untimely, inaccessible, incomplete, and inaccurate data,” said Krishna Tammana, CTO, Talend. “With Talend’s latest release, we’re helping data professionals connect, share, and improve their data faster and more securely.  These innovations represent one step in our ongoing journey to help our customers put healthier data at the center of their businesses.”

With the new enhancements, Talend Data Fabric provides native integration with Databricks 7.3 and AWS EMR 6.2 on Apache Spark 3, which helps organizations take advantage of next-generation data analytics platforms to perform powerful and advanced analytics at scale while enjoying the faster performance, easier use, and greater flexibility of Spark 3.   

This release also introduces a self-service API portal that provides a central listing of APIs and documentation to enable internal teams and external partners to discover, learn, integrate, and share data via microservices.  The API portal also helps improve developer productivity and collaboration by making it easier to share APIs, documentation, and data structures across the app development team.

In addition, the new release provides connectivity between Talend and AWS or Azure instances via a private link. Beyond ensuring that sensitive data is secure and never exposed to the internet, the use of a private link offers several additional advantages over a VPN, including reduced data transfer costs, faster time to deploy and operate, and increased performance for mission-critical workloads due to extra-low network latency and no internet reliance. Private link support also enables compliance with local data protection and industry regulations such as PCI and HIPAA.

Talend has also extended its single-sign-on and multi-factor authentication to meet security best practices and deliver a straightforward user log-in experience to all customers of Talend’s cloud platform without additional cost. 

Finally, Talend provides tight coupling of data stewardship and data integration where read/write capabilities can be easily added to a data quality or governance "campaign" directly from a data pipeline. This provides greater collaboration between IT team members, who create data jobs or pipelines, and the business subject matter experts, resulting in faster and more scalable data quality processes and decision making.

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