Latest Version of Composite Information Server Data Virtualization Platform Now Available

Composite Software, Inc. has introduced the newest version of the Composite Information Server Data Virtualization Platform to address the increasing demand by global enterprises with complex and disparate information systems for more agile, cost-effective data integration solutions. With capabilities ranging from upfront data discovery and modeling to ongoing operations monitoring, Composite's platform provides a comprehensive data virtualization offering.

Global enterprises are increasingly adopting data virtualization to overcome complex data integration challenges, including data that is difficult to identify and understand, data that isn't always in the required form, data that resides in multiple locations and information sources or silos, data that needs to be combined across silos with other data to provide complete insight, and delivering real-time data without impacting source system performance.  Scaling from project to enterprise, Composite's data virtualization platform enables global enterprises to develop and implement data federation, data warehouse extension, enterprise data sharing, real-time and cloud computing data integration.

And, as customers embark on wider, larger deployments, Robert Eve, executive vice president of marketing at Composite Software, tells 5 Minute Briefing, they are increasingly thinking more broadly about an enterprise set of capabilities as an enabling strategy. In these customer environments, agility is a critical aspect that is sought, Eve stresses.

Composite Software's newest release features Composite Discovery 2.0, a second-generation enterprise data entity and relationship discovery tool used for preparing data models and performing intelligent queries that is now tightly integrated with Composite Information Server. "First, you have to understand your data, really clearly understand your relationships, and use that to build your data models." Surprisingly, observes Eve, "the bigger the customer, the harder the question of just what data do I have?" When you know what data you have and can model it, then that "really jumpstarts the process of building the views or the data services using our development tools," says Eve. "With Discovery 2.0 we have really increased the capability in terms of doing that type of modeling."

The new release also includes Composite Application Data Services for Oracle Essbase, a new intelligent adapter that allows SQL developers to simplify access to this popular MDX (multidimensional eXpressions) source data. "What we have provided is a capability for people to write SQL and then we will convert it to MDX and deal with Essbase," notes Eve. The release also features Composite Monitor, a new management console with user-friendly GUIs for monitoring activities across the Composite Data Virtualization Platform environments; and Composite Information Server, which adds support of NTLM and Novell E-directory security authentication enhancements and a number of new optimization algorithms. To download a data sheet or product screen shot, go here.