Launch of Fauna Logs Enhances Visibility into Application Cost and Performance

Fauna, the distributed document-relational database delivered as a cloud API, is launching the general availability of Fauna logs, providing enhanced visibility into the performance and cost of applications that run on Fauna.

Users will gain access to query performance data—including read and write operations, compute, storage, query runtime, and total cost per query—which inevitably improves application quality in both performance, and responsiveness. 

“We're starting specifically with query insight and performance data, which will allow somebody to very easily be able to see every query that has gone through the database, how many resources to compute how much data came in, how much data came out of it, and the  time it took to run it; all of that is nicely aggregated for you in one file,” explained Hassen Karaa, VP of product at Fauna. 

Fauna logs invites opportunities for application cost or performance optimization, available for request and download in near real-time with a defined time range.

“It's a super powerful tool that I could use to lower my bill or understand a security breach in the future, or understand my access patterns,” said Karaa. “For a seemingly simple feature, it unlocks a lot of value, both monetary and from a security perspective, as well as from a developer experience perspective.”

Logging file integration with users’ observability tools of choice allows Fauna to provide familiarity with streamlined aggregation and routing for data logs.

Fauna logs, paired with the serverless database’s robust security and authentication controls, backup and restore capability, and event streaming, amplifies user operations in the realm of both visibility and governance. Fauna additionally plans to release a myriad of tools under the Fauna log umbrella, including security, audits, backups, and more.

“As far as we know, Fauna is the first serverless database to offer an observability capability,” said Karaa. “We have business critical applications, enterprise grade customers, running their workloads on Fauna, so they're not going to be okay with no observability and no guarantees of performance. So, observability is just one of the many things we do, whether it's compliance guarantees, whether it's SLA’s that we offer; it's all part of being enterprise and business critical apps-ready, which is what we definitely are.”

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