Launch of OpenNMS Meridian 2023 Eases Network Monitoring

The OpenNMS Group, Inc., a subsidiary of NantHealth, Inc., is launching OpenNMS Meridian 2023, an open source Meridian product now updated with a myriad of new features and capabilities to assist in scaling workloads, consistent deployment, manage network device configuration, and more.

Now equipped with containerized benefits and cloud services, OpenNMS Meridian 2023 drives streamlined monitoring at the edge and multi-tenant storage as a hardware appliance solution. The platform is penetration-tested and continues to enhance its alignment with the ISO 27001 security framework for identifying cybersecurity risks and improving protection and recovery.

The OpenNMS Group’s Time Series DB is another major feature of OpenNMS Merdian’s launch, acting as a hosted cloud service that stores monitorable data and scales quickly. Meridian can further be containerized for predictable and uniform deployments, improving agility without increasing complexity.

"The cloud capabilities we're launching with Meridian 2023 bring us a huge step closer to our vision of a world where monitoring just happens," said David Hustace, president and founder at OpenNMS. "Monitoring at the edge has been simplified—our hardware appliance solution can be installed and configured from our cloud portal in minutes. And customers can deploy and orchestrate Meridian as a container, then store their monitoring data in our new cloud-based Time Series DB, a massively scalable, multi-tenant storage solution."

The OpenNMS Group is additionally enhancing Minions, its distributed monitoring component for Meridian, which will be available to run on physical hardware with zero-trust architecture principles, dubbed the OpenNMS Appliance. Minions are effortlessly deployed with Appliance, allowing for the management, configuration, and update of an entire fleet through a single pane of glass, according to the vendor

"We require the Appliance to use security features such as Trusted Platform Module (TPM), secure boot, and disk encryption to help prevent tampering and backdoors as part of our greater zero-trust initiative," said Jeff Jancula, CISO of OpenNMS.

OpenNMS Meridian 2023 is available via a subscription-based service. It additionally offers business service monitoring, distributed data collections, support for BGP Monitoring Protocol (BMP), and application perspective monitoring.

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