Launch of VantageCloud Lake by Teradata Widens Market and Supports Scalable Analytics Innovation

Teradata, the connected multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics, is debuting VantageCloud Lake— the first product from Teradata that is built on a new, next-generation, cloud-native architecture. Leveraging the advantages of Teradata Vantage, renamed to VantageCloud Enterprise, VantageCloud Lake aims to bring a flexible, low-cost object store solution to its users.

“VantageCloud Lake is the result of a multi-year journey to create a new paradigm for data and analytics—one where superior performance, agility, and value all go hand-in-hand,” said Hillary Ashton, chief product officer at Teradata. “VantageCloud Enterprise—our established Vantage in the cloud offering—is the recognized price performance leader in the market. VantageCloud Lake offers all of those same benefits in a package that is appealing to diverse functions and roles, opening up an entirely new market segment for Teradata. We now support all analytic workload needs at every level in the organization, enabling companies to be more nimble, experimental, and innovative in an easy-to-use solution without losing the governance and cost visibility that Teradata is known for.”

The introduction of VantageCloud Lake does not remove users’ freedom of choice; customers may choose the edition that works best for their workloads and needs, employing either VantageCloud Lake or Vantage Cloud Enterprise.

A new market, indeed—VantageCloud lake expands the customer base beyond IT-managed enterprise workloads, whose self-service functionality yields a diverse set of users and use cases, such as smaller ad hoc, exploratory, and departmental workloads, according to the vendor. Pairing advanced analytics capabilities and smart scaling with low TCO, VantageCloud Lake is able to expedite business outcomes. With VantageCloud Lake, users will be able to launch new projects spanning departments that use core data; align compute resources across the platform for overall governance and cost control maintenance; as well as eliminating the necessity for “shadow IT” systems through satisfying the needs of exploratory projects and ad hoc requests.

Teradata emphasizes the utility of smart scaling that is packaged with VantageCloud Lake, highlighting its ability to adjust for scale through workload management and isolation. Automatic scaling only occurs when necessary— and is based on actual consumption of system resources for appropriate action. Scaling is also policy-driven within VantageCloud Lake, enabling enterprises to put safety measures in place to prevent over-expenditure per workload. The comprehensive reporting feature provides increased financial visibility of enterprises’ workloads for optimal fiscal insights.

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