Lavastorm Analytics Encourages Collaboration with New Platform Release

Lavastorm Analytics has launched an update to its analytics engine that builds upon its self-service software for enterprises, providing a seamless way of sharing governed data analytical flows.

Lavastorm Analytics Engine 6.1 allows the sharing of analytic flows from anywhere without installing software. The update enables business analysts to curate a set of re-usable analytical applications with trusted data and business logic, and then share those analytical flows with specific users or groups across an organization.

Organizations can now collaborate more efficiently by viewing and executing analytic applications shared in a single, easy-to-use directory via any web browser. Customers have the ability to follow data flows throughout the analytic application to identify the data source and manipulations that were performed. Additionally the update allows users to re-run analytic applications with current data or view historical runs.

Executives, middle managers, or customers who need to make decisions based on analytics, will benefit from this, according to Mark Marinelli, Lavastorm's CTO. “Our overarching philosophy here is the more eyes you have on the problem, the better the outcome,” Marinelli said. “We’re removing the friction of deploying software by making it approachable and easy for people to understand we’re allowing more people who technically aren’t the savviest folks to participate in what is fundamentally a technical activity.” Plans are underway for another round of upgrades, Marinelli said, with the 7.0 release next year offering more capabilities for a wider range  of users.

For more information about the update, go here.