Lavastorm Builds Big Data Ecosystem for Discovery, Analytics, Visualization and Control

Lavastorm Analytics is building a partner ecosystem with its analytics platform at the center to help business analysts optimize their organizations’ big data. Cyfeon Solutions and QlikView are two of the most recent integrations with Lavastorm.

Cyfeon Solutions recently selected Lavastorm Analytics Engine to be part of its Answer Factory reference architecture. “We can bring data together very quickly. We’re focused on the business analyst themselves; the analytics get out to the business where they can be useful for people who have questions and need answers as fast as they can get them. We want IT to enable the business to answer these types of questions,” John Joseph, Lavastorm’s vice president of product marketing, tells DBTA. Business analysts are now able to improve business operations and ROI through blended analysis of both traditional enterprise data and high-volume, unstructured, and other non-warehoused big data sources.

Lavastorm’s integration with QlikView provides analysts with a simple drag-and-go visual solution that represents data in both high volume and high variety. The platform enables the power users within organizations to drill back into business processes, identifying anomalies and making the necessary adjustments. “What we do that’s unique is we give enterprises a new, very different and agile way to analyze, optimize and control data, as well as the business processes that the data reflects,” Joseph explains.

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