Lavastorm Enhances Analytics Solution to Empower Business Users

Lavastorm Analytics, a provider of data management and analytics software, has released a new version of the Lavastorm Analytics Engine, a data discovery solution.

Lavastorm Analytics Engine 5.0 enables analysts to tap into data from anywhere in the organization to discover and transform insights into business improvements.

According to Lavastorm, while organizations seek to leverage analytics to transform disparate and big data into a business driver, there remains a struggle to provide business users with quick access to the data needed to discover business insights.

With Lavastorm Analytics Engine 5.0, the company says, business users can easily combine and enrich diverse data sources, evaluate and improve data quality, and build complex filtering and analytic logic to answer ad hoc questions.  Lavastorm Analytics Engine also has a unique “sense and respond” capability that allows users to continuously monitor business operations either to compare actual vs. expected business performance, to detect opportunities for business improvement, or to uncover issues and risks that can slow down their business or hurt performance.

“With this new release, Lavastorm is empowering business analysts everywhere to transform their companies by eliminating their dependency on under-resourced IT organizations, inflexible data infrastructure and waterfall development approaches,” said Drew Rockwell, CEO, Lavastorm Analytics. “By turning business analysts into data masters, our software creates a new class of knowledge workers who can fuse their deep business understanding with all manner of data – big and small – to make things work better now.”

Lavastorm Analytics Engine 5.0 includes four major elements that allow users to leverage data with more ease:

  1. Logistics Manager: A web-based user interface simplifies deployment and maintenance of automated analytic applications.
  2. Tour Guides: A new feature for users with less technical knowledge provides step-by-step directions to configure complex analytic models that typically require custom development from a team of programmers.
  3. Crowd-Sourced Error Management:  The growing Lavastorm user community supports users in  quickly debugging and producing analytic applications. Users encountering an error in their application can immediately access the community’s knowledge base to get advice on the action they should take to correct the error.
  4. Auto-Update Installer: The capability ensures that new functionality is always in the users’ hands, especially important for frequent Lavastorm Analytics Library release cycles.

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