Layer 7 Launches Cloud Security and Management Solutions

Layer 7 Technologies, a provider of Web management solutions, announced it is shipping a new line of management software to enhance the management and security of cloud environments. Layer 7's new CloudSpan family of products include three products intended to help address critical connectivity, security and delivery needs of both consumers and providers of cloud services.

"The cloud offers abundant opportunities for both providers and users of services, but concerns about connectivity, security and control often outweigh the benefits," says Phil Walston, Layer 7's vice president of development and product management. "Layer 7's CloudSpan suite addresses critical cloud connectivity, security and management issues, thereby helping enterprises and service providers get better ROI from their cloud investment."

The Layer 7 CloudSpan cloud broker suite is designed to remove critical adoption barriers for cloud consumers and providers wanting to more easily access cloud services, run applications safely in the cloud or publish APIs and programmatic services to clients, partners and developers.

Each of Layer 7's three CloudSpan products addresses a critical need for cloud computing. First, CloudConnect serves as an organization's gateway to the cloud. Using a combination of access control, secure integration and aggregated usage tracking, CloudConnect makes it possible for enterprises to create a secure channel to SaaS providers. Next, CloudProtect provides security in the cloud, helping enterprises establish secure perimeters around each cloud application (virtual private applications), ensuring data isolation and central policy control. Third, CloudControl gives service providers the ability to manage and control how their cloud services get published to clients, partners and developers. With CloudControl, service providers can secure, manage and orchestrate how third parties invoke their provisioning and application APIs.

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