Leostream Offers RESTful API Platform for DevOps Teams to Support Remote Access Environments

Leostream, a provider of secure high-performance remote access solutions, is offering the Leostream RESTful API, supporting Managed Solutions Providers (MSPs) and enterprise organizations that are increasingly adopting DevOps processes into their remote access environments.

"The demand for remote access has continued to intensify and, with it, customers increasingly need more effective, efficient ways to deploy their remote access solution," said Leostream CEO Karen Gondoly. "In addition, Managed Solutions Providers are finding new opportunities to build offerings geared towards supporting remote workers, and automating the rollout of these solutions is a key for scaled-out success. Leostream continues to innovate in the remote access space by meeting the needs of MSP and DevOps teams, understanding that efficiency and security are top priorities."

The pandemic underscored the need for DevOps teams to build remote access at scale while also creating efficiencies and reducing costs. Leostream is meeting these needs with the debut of the Leostream RESTful API, according to the vendor.

The Leostream RESTful API will make it easier for partners to deploy solutions and adapt to increasing remote access needs using the Leostream Platform.

Solutions Providers and Leostream customers will be able to deploy and configure Leostream Connection Brokers via scripts to build "click of a button" Leostream environments – enabling remote access at scale while increasing speed of implementation.

The release of the Leostream RESTful API focuses on creating and editing pools and policies within Leostream, two concepts which form the backbone of a hosted desktop deployment managed by Leostream.

Upcoming releases will include additional API end-points, culminating in making the entire Leostream configuration scriptable, according to the vendor.

"Our long-term commitment to building out the Leostream RESTful API indicates our dedication to our partners and customers, and our interest in their success and needs," said Gondoly. "This release is the first step down a journey that ends in whatever solution the MSP can dream of."

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