Leveraging Informatica Solutions for Optimized Data Management with Snowflake

A comprehensive, robust data management strategy is easier to imagine than it is to actually implement in reality. Though data management is a rather concise term, it spans numerous enterprise departments, where each maintains different needs and requires different outcomes.

Executing modern data management will need to unite a variety of tools and services, empowering each and every individual in the enterprise to become driven by quality data.

Rajeev Srinivasan, director of technical alliance, strategic ecosystem at Informatica, and Stefan Manns, principal solutions consultant at Informatica, joined DBTA’s webinar, Modernize Your Data Management Strategy on Snowflake With Informatica, to present the ways in which joint Informatica and Snowflake customers are building modern, cloud-native data platforms that forward comprehensive, incremental, and successful data management strategies.

Srinivasan began by explaining how Informatica brings value to Snowflake, which ultimately boils down to:

  • Enabling frictionless onboarding with no cost data loading and data pipelines as a Snowflake native application
  • Delivering trusted data with industry-leading data quality, observability, catalog, lineage, and governance
  • Scaling access and use via a cloud data marketplace for data assets and automated data access integration with Snowflake policies

The Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) SaaS platform covers the six different areas of data management: discover, democratize, master, populate, cleanse, and govern. Built from the ground-up to be cloud native and optimized for multi-cloud and hybrid data management, IDMC supports 200-plus source systems backed by security-by-design architecture.

Srinivasan walked webinar viewers through the Informatica deployment architecture for Snowflake, stressing that Informatica utilizes an agent model concept, where IDMC runs in the hyperscaler of your choice, placing it as close to the data source that you’re bringing data from.

Informatica additionally enables organizations to scale data governance on Snowflake, enabling various capabilities such as allowing business domain owners to secure personally identifiable information (PII) through Snowflake tag-based masking policies.

Manns explored various new technologies that complement Informatica/Snowflake architectures, which include:

  • Informatica Cloud Data Integration, which is free for Snowflake, offering zero-cost and frictionless data loading and transformation
  • Informatica Superpipe, which leverages bi-directional replication at scale to bring data up to 3.5x faster to Snowflake Data Cloud
  • Enterprise Data Integrator, which deploys and runs Informatica data integration directly in Snowflake Data Cloud

For an in-depth discussion of Informatica data management solutions for Snowflake, featuring demos, a Q+A, and more, you can view an archived version of the webinar here.