Leveraging a Cloud-Native Solution to Ensure Data Governance Success

For many of today's top enterprises, the ability to get the most out of their data has become a top priority. Turning data into insights, though, is easier said than done. Organizations need a data intelligence engine that will harness the power of their data, ensure it can be trusted, and empower their data consumers with the right data at the right time.

DBTA held a webinar featuring John O'Brien, principal advisor and CEO, Radiant Advisors, and Ryan Glasunow, senior director, data governance and privacy leader, Informatica, who discussed how Informatica’s Cloud Data Governance and Catalog tool can operationalize data governance program to deliver business value.

O’Brien described essential data management principles to improve the data culture within the business. This includes enabling users’ data journey, building trust by understanding, and building confidence to be actionable.

According to O’Brien and Glasunow, it is important to provide people who work with data the ability to understand it and help them build the confidence necessary to quickly leverage it. Part of this is capturing and sharing as much information is possible about the data, such as where it came from, how it was transformed, and how it is being used. People need to feel personally safe to use data in the proper context, compliance, and validations, they stated.
Key elements of data management include data engineering, data quality, and data governance to activate people to work with data in order to gain insights and make better decisions faster.

It is also essential to relate to the data workers’ journey and help them develop trust through data transparency, and confidence in using the data through collaborative governance.

Building a data culture takes time and continued support with a thriving community of support to scale to every person and data in an organization, O’Brien and Glasunow said.
Empowering your teams to make data-driven decisions requires access to the right data at the right time. CDOs have said that data sharing is proving to be particularly difficult, Glasunow said, pointing to a June 2021 article on that stated, “Data governance cannot be about bureaucracy. It has to be value-driven, [and] agile.”

That’s why businesses need to change their mindset from risk and compliance to value creation. Informatica’s Cloud Data Governance and Catalog fuels cloud modernization, analytics governance, and data democratization.

It is critical to ensure your move to the cloud contains data that can be trusted, Glasunow emphasized. This helps to enable reliability in results from cloud self-service analytics and AI and empowers the extended community of data consumers.

Informatica offers a solution called the Cloud Data Marketplace. This is a cloud-native storefront, with order management, and governed delivery capabilities that enables organizations to package data assets from any data source and ensure that their data consumers can shop for data and AI models. This allows teams to quickly fulfill and track requests and data usage, and more.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.