Leveraging the 3 Sources of Product Data Metrics

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

AI-Powered Enterprise author Seth Earley identifies data quality, testing, and web analysis reports as three key sources of product data metrics and described what they track and reveal during his keynote at Data Summit Connect 2021.          

"We pick something like product data, and that's a good area to choose because it's very measurable," Earley said "You can do things like measure, the data quality, as I mentioned, You don't even need users for that. You don't even need behavior. You don't even need outcomes, but you can simply measure how well your product information is measured and is structured and designed."

In Earley's research, he found that there's a correlation between completeness and click rate. There's a 0.4, two correlation. There are many different kinds of correlations between differnt kinds of data that can be discovered through the testing phase.

"You can start to show when you make changes at the data level, you can make change that you can impact user behavior, and you can impact ultimately what people are purchasing and buying," Earley said.