LicenseFortress Addresses New Oracle Java Licensing Changes with Enhancements to the ArxPlatform

LicenseFortress, a provider of software license management solutions, is updating its ArxPlatform in response to the challenges posed by the recent Oracle Java licensing changes.

According to the company, these enhancements will provide organizations with comprehensive solutions to navigate the evolving Java licensing landscape and mitigate the risks associated with rising Java audits.

Additionally, LicenseFortress offers a range of services, including a Compliance and Optimization Review and audit defense specifically tailored for Oracle Java customers.

"LicenseFortress is committed to empowering organizations with comprehensive solutions to effectively manage their software licenses, especially in the face of new licensing changes and the rising trend of Java audits," said Dean Bolton, co-founder and chief architect of LicenseFortress. "Our enhanced ArxPlatform provides organizations with the necessary tools and expertise to navigate the challenges, maintain compliance, and optimize their software license usage."

With the new Oracle Java licensing changes, organizations worldwide grapple with increased complexity and potential financial risks. Java audits have been on the rise, creating additional challenges for businesses relying on Java deployments. LicenseFortress recognizes this growing trend and understands the threats that Java audits pose to organizations in terms of compliance and financial penalties.

The ArxPlatform offers real-time visibility into software usage, entitlements, and license compliance, empowering organizations to accurately track and manage their Java deployments within the parameters of the new licensing requirements.

The automated discovery capability enables customers to obtain a comprehensive road map of where Oracle Java is deployed within their systems. This feature is of utmost importance as it allows organizations to continuously track their Java footprint.

By understanding the exact locations of Java installations, businesses can ensure effective management, streamline updates and patches, monitor security vulnerabilities, and optimize licensing costs.

In addition to the ArxPlatform, LicenseFortress provides comprehensive solutions to address the challenges posed by Java audits.

The Compliance and Optimization Reviews offer organizations a thorough analysis of their software usage, license entitlements, and compliance status. Through detailed assessments, LicenseFortress identifies potential licensing gaps and non-compliance issues, providing actionable insights and recommendations to rectify them.

According to the company, this proactive approach ensures that organizations navigate the complexities of the updated licensing model, optimize their software license investments, and mitigate the risks of audits.

LicenseFortress also offers audit defense services explicitly tailored for Oracle Java customers. These services are designed to assist organizations in effectively handling Java audits, minimizing exposure to financial penalties, and ensuring compliance with the intricate requirements set forth by Oracle.

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