LicenseFortress Adds Database Insight Capabilities to the ArxPlatform

LicenseFortress, Inc., an independent software asset management provider, is introducing Database Insight as an add-on to the ArxPlatform, further strengthening its partnership with Application Performance Ltd.

"When LicenseFortress approached us to incorporate capabilities from our next-generation database monitoring solution into their ArxPlatform, we were excited. Together we can help customers optimize their current database investments and reduce costs," said Russell Luke, CEO of Application Performance.

The ArxPlatform leverages intelligent, real-time software license compliance monitoring and alerting for Oracle, Microsoft, and VMware. The addition of Database Insight will provide optimization for how database licenses are used, as well as unlocking hosting and cloud platform savings, according to the company.

“License optimization can only be achieved at the intersection of license expertise, legal expertise, technical expertise, and deep understanding of how efficiently compute resources are utilized, combined with a thorough knowledge of the organization's 3–5-year road map,” said Michael Corey, COO and co-Founder of LicenseFortress.

LicenseFortress is the first SAM-managed service to merge all these capabilities together, providing its customers with sustainable license optimization, according to the vendor. With the cost of database software often far exceeding the cost of infrastructure, these new enhanced license optimization capabilities amount to real cost savings for the customer.

"To accomplish this industry first, we realized we needed a trusted partner with deep domain expertise and a proven product capable of supporting Oracle and Microsoft out of the gate. With their decades of experience, Application Performance was a natural choice,” said Dean Bolton, chief architect and co-founder of LicenseFortress.

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