LicenseFortress and Dell Technologies Team Up to Protect Customers from Costly Software Audits

LicenseFortress, a company that provides software license management and audit protection, has announced that Dell Technologies Design Solutions will deliver its solution on Dell Technologies infrastructure hardware.

Originally part of VLSS, a consultancy founded in 2005 with a focus on Oracle and VMware technologies, LicenseFortress was spun out as a standalone company in October 2017. LicenseFortress now focuses on Oracle software asset management, delivering a combined solution of real-time monitoring of systems and a team of license-compliance experts aimed at helping organizations manage their license investment while removing the risk of being out of compliance.

According to LicenseFortress, organizations’ infrastructures are getting stretched across the cloud. Managers had a hard enough time handling their infrastructure when it was on-premise only but now with hybrid cloud scenarios spanning multiple platforms, there is uncertainty about the proper way to license software in these increasingly complex environments.

With this new partnership, customers investing in the LicenseFortress solution on a wide range of Dell Technologies servers, converged and hyper-converged infrastructure options, will be able to take advantage of LicenseFortress' continuous license management to help them avoid violations to license agreements and the fees associated with compliance audits.

Dell recognizes that software licensing is a problem for its customers and now the U.S. Dell sales team can sell LicenseFortress as they sell hardware, explained Michael Corey, LicenseFortress co-founder and past president of the IOUG. "It is an option with any of the Dell equipment now and it is all pre-priced. When they are selling Dell hardware or doing license upgrades, and the customer is concerned about Oracle licensing, they can incorporate a LicenseFortress subscription as part of the deal, or they can engage us to work with the customer and understand their licensing so they avoid problems."

According to LicenseFortress, software compliance audits can easily cost companies tens of millions of dollars. If a company is audited, LicenseFortress will communicate directly with the software vendor, provide requested documentation, and negotiate on behalf of the customer. With the premier-level subscription, LicenseFortress provides legal representation and pays audit fees that result from any error of its recommendations on the proper way to license vendor software on Dell Technologies infrastructure.

"Licensing is a problem in the industry," said Corey. The pressure that organizations are feeling from the threat of a software licensing audit is also having a ripple effect across the hardware industry and impacting Dell as well as other vendors, he added.

"Oracle is a powerful tool for your business when deployed correctly, and we help you take control," noted Dean Bolton, co-founder and chief architect of LicenseFortress. "LicenseFortress takes an innovative approach that combines state-of-the-art proprietary software coupled with our team of licensing experts, enabling us to offer the industry’s only financial guarantee. This guarantee protects your company against the costs and fees that can result from a software license audit."

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