Lieberman Software Brings Privileged Identity Management to Cloud Infrastructure

Lieberman Software Corporation, a provider of privileged identity management and security management solutions, has announced enhancements to its account password management solution, Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM). ERPM now delivers fine-grained management features to protect every asset in the cloud infrastructure - including physical and virtual computers and network appliances, hypervisors, databases, middleware, and line-of-business applications. With this version of ERPM, cloud service providers can assure both customers and IT auditors that privileged access to sensitive data is continuously monitored and secured.

"Enterprises are eyeing significant cost savings potential in migrating to the cloud, but are concerned about data privacy and security," states Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software. "As cloud service providers expand they quickly outgrow ad hoc processes such as scripts to control administrative access to their infrastructure. Lieberman Software meets a vital need by ensuring that only the right individuals can access sensitive data or change configuration settings that could disrupt critical cloud services, while providing authoritative audit trails."

ERPM continuously discovers, secures, and grants fully audited, role-based administrative access to physical and virtual IT assets within the cloud infrastructure. Key features of ERPM include continuous auto-discovery and propagation of privileged credentials as new physical and virtual systems are brought online; direct authentication with leading directory services to instantly maintain correct levels of access as personnel roles change; and deployment on the service provider's choice of SQL Server or Oracle 11g databases for unmatched transparency and reliability.

The new version of ERPM adds the capability for cloud service providers to delegate different levels of privileged access, audit and compliance reporting to end customers. With this feature, service providers can offer customers the option to grant or revoke access to sensitive systems on a time-limited and audited basis, and to see comprehensive operational reports or time-based analysis of administrative access by user, system and account. And, according to the company, with its new dual-control multiple tenancy, ERPM secures all cloud stacks at both the physical layer (privileged system access) and the application layer. For more information, go here.