LifePoint Informatics Sees Fast Business Growth With Switch to InterSystems Ensemble Integration Platform

InterSystems Corporation, a leader in software for connected healthcare, has announced that its customer, LifePoint Informatics, has moved its flagship LifePoint InfoHub to the InterSystems Ensemble rapid integration and development platform.

InterSystems' application partner LifePoint, based in Glen Rock, N.J., provides outreach business applications and electronic medical record and health information exchange integration. The migration to Ensemble has enabled LifePoint to grow its business an estimated 40% since 2008, according to the company.

With Ensemble, LifePoint was able to add robust message searching capabilities that weren't available with its legacy platform while also decreasing the time required to develop application interfaces. As a result, LifePoint's developers can complete some tasks in seconds that used to require hours. In addition, Ensemble makes it possible to turn around complex interface projects in a short time while eliminating a lot of the overhead tied to those projects. The increased project throughput with less staff translates to measurable, ongoing business growth.

"InterSystems is an extremely important partner of ours and Ensemble is a key piece of that now," LifePoint CEO William Seay tells 5 Minute Briefing.

In addition to its adoption of Ensemble, InterSystems' Enterprise Cache Technology (ECP) also provides a vital capability for LifePoint and its clients. ECP is a high-performance and scalable technology that enables computers within a distributed system to access the other databases in that system. The use of ECP requires no application changes-applications treat the database as if it was local. ECP made it possible to easily and seamlessly integrate the key components of LifePoint's legacy applications into Ensemble.

LifePoint has grown to the point where it is working with hundreds of labs, hospitals and integrated delivery networks. According to the company, it requires the level of performance and reliability offered by Ensemble.

The core of LifePoint's software family, LifePoint InfoHub handles the logic and information storage behind all of the company's applications. With LifePoint InfoHub migration now complete, all of the firm's clients are set up on the Ensemble platform. The next step will involve assessing Ensemble's business activity monitoring capabilities, which enable detecting events within enterprise systems, filtering them for items of interest, and presenting that information to an executive in the form of a visual dashboard. "We're planning to do more with dashboards and will examine how we can leverage Ensemble in that area to provide real-time summary reports to clients on ad hoc basis," notes Preston Law, LifePoint CTO.

Complementing its implementation of Ensemble, LifePoint is a long-term user of the InterSystems CACHÉ high-performance object database. "Part of the reason we chose Ensemble is because we have had such a good experience with CACHÉ," points out Seay.

And, with InterSystems, says Seay, the adoption of Ensemble was painless. "The InterSystems people were really helpful in the implementation process. They made the transition easy, and the product has helped make our product much more efficient."

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