LightStep Introduces Service Health for Deployments Solution

LightStep, a provider of observability software, today announced the release of its Service Health for Deployments solution to help developers quickly and easily identify and remediate service health issues during and after a deployment.

With LightStep’s solution, developers can monitor performance regressions to their services during and after a deployment, gaining visibility into the latency, error ratio, and throughput changes to their operations.

Additionally, developers are able to understand why a regression has occurred, with rich aggregate trace analysis functionality such as latency histogram comparisons, operations diagrams, and an automated correlation engine for performing rapid root cause analysis.

Users can also ensure they are getting the most value from their services by demystifying and iterating on proper instrumentation of their service with LightStep’s Instrumentation Quality Score.

“As developers ourselves, we know that deploys often result in regressions, and investigating the cause can be a time consuming process,” said Kay Ousterhout, software engineer, LightStep. “Our solution takes the uncertainty and guesswork out of service deployments so our customers can focus on shipping quality applications faster.”

Following a regression, Service Health for Deployments enables users to quickly perform rich root cause analysis to identify what went wrong. In addition to reactive investigation, users are able to proactively monitor deployments.

 Using LightStep, they’re able to:

  • Compare latency distributions to estimate the size and scope of a regression
  • Identify tags that have the biggest impact on latency
  • Pinpoint the operations that have contributed the most latency to the critical path
  • Provide visibility into the complete operations and service diagrams with critical path latency mapped to each operation or service
  • Perform aggregate trace analysis to identify what’s driving a regression

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