Lightbend Introduces Akka Serverless for Simplifying the Creation of Cloud-Native Apps

Lightbend, a company providing cloud-native microservice frameworks, is releasing Akka Serverless, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering that sets a new standard for cloud native application development.

Akka Serverless is based on an advanced new architecture that can remove the historical limitations that prevented the development of general-purpose, business-critical applications using the serverless model, according to the vendor.

Akka Serverless enables the creation of cloud native apps using any programming language and reduces the need for databases in deploying business-critical applications.

“For the last few months, Akka Serverless’ beta has definitively proven its value to our participating customers. We’re thrilled to bring this new approach to the rest of the world,” said Jonas Bonér, Lightbend’s founder and CEO. “This superior model for cloud native development can now enable many more complex applications to be built using the serverless model, such as IoT platforms, real-time financial services, modern eCommerce systems, streaming media, internet-based gaming, factory automation, telemedicine, and more.”

The launch of Akka Serverless highlights a renewed focus for Lightbend on supporting developer needs for building cloud native services and APIs. In addition to its general availability, Akka Serverless has added several new features per its customers’ feedback. Some of these include:

  • New State Models including Replicated Entities (CRDTs) - Akka Serverless comes to market with a rounded out set of state models—the “how” and “where” you store your application data—to give the utmost flexibility to developers while fulfilling the vision of zero ops required for stateful APIs and Services.
  • Security Upgrades - Building upon end-to-end encryption (on data in motion and at rest) and other security measures already in place, Akka Serverless now supports secure authentication and authorization of API/Service endpoints through the use of JSON web tokens (JWT).
  • EU POP (dev mode) - With this addition, developers across the EU are able to take advantage of Akka Serverless’ benefits
  • Production SDK Support of Scala and Typescript and feature upgraded Community Support for Python - The addition of these SDKs expands the number of developers capable of using this new approach

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