Lightstep Offers New Observability Platform for Monitoring Deployments

Lightstep, a provider of observability software for organizations adopting microservices and serverless, is releasing release its observability solution to help developers better understand the health of systems and services.

This includes integrating new metrics capabilities into their platform, enabling developers to have a one-stop shop for all their observability needs.

“At our core, Lightstep is a company of developers, so we know first-hand the stress placed on DevOps teams to execute seamless deployments every time, and how it is only continuing to grow as tech stacks get more complex,” said Daniel Spoonhower, CTO, Lightstep. “With our new observability solution, developers can analyze errors in real time, at any point in the deployment, and have all the tools and data they need in one unified view - that integrate effortlessly into their existing workflows.”

New analysis features provide developers with the fastest and most effective way to investigate errors, understand service health issues, and predict the impact of new deployments.

The next evolution of Lightstep’s distributed tracing tool is an observability platform that provides automatic and rich analysis.

Lightstep’s capabilities help developers develop, deploy, and debug new service releases, regardless of the deployment methodology used (for example, canaries, blue/green deploys).

Developers will then be able to identify and resolve the cause of performance degradations faster than any other tool on the market.

The error and latency analysis feature simplifies the investigation of a service’s errors and latency by quickly highlighting the source of the problem and how it propagates through the call stack. It also helps developers understand what may have caused the error with a list of data-driven hypotheses.

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