Log-On Software Announces Log-On APL2 

Log-On Software, an IBM Business Partner and developer of software solutions for IBM Z, has announced Log-On APL2, with general availability planned for April 7, 2021. APL2 is a programming language offering an array processing capabilities, and is well-suited to complex engineering, scientific and financial computations. Users of APL2 include professional programmers, scientists, engineers, financial analysts, forecasters, actuaries, and statisticians.

Log-On APL2 simplifies and accelerates the design and development of computation-intense engineering, mathematical, scientific, financial, and rule-based systems. "We are excited to offer Log-On APL2 to our customers. We look forward to continuing to support this important programming language and its user community," said Danny Zeitouny, managing director & VP of products at Log-On. "Log—On APL2 leverages our experience in developing and supporting sophisticated solutions to complex programming challenges."

Log-On APL2 is compatible with IBM APL2 and is supported in the following environments:

AIX—AIX 5.0 with Motif 1.2 and X Window System X11R5 or later

Linux—Intel—Linux for PC machines with glibc 2.3.2, Motif 2.2 and X Window System X11R6 or later

Solaris—Solaris 7 with Motif 1.4 and X Window System X11R5 or later

Windows—Windows 10

IBM z/OS—Currently supported versions with TSO/E

IBM z/VM—Currently supported versions of with CMS

Log-On is a developer of software solutions and an outsourcer of software services ranging from programming expertise to the complete management and execution of development projects. With more than 30 years of experience and 700 specialists in software, data communications and security, Log-On provides solutions to product development and programming challenges.

The company is headquartered in Bedford, NH. For more informatio, visit