LogLogic Enhances PCI Compliance for VMware Environments

LogLogic, an IT data management company supporting log and security management, says it is working with VMware to help ensure that IT data is collected from virtualized infrastructures, to meet the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). To help VMware customers achieve regulatory compliance faster, LogLogic also announced it is awarding its MX-Virtual virtual appliance product to the first 100 VMware vShield and VMware vCenter Server customers who sign up at

LogLogic delivers virtual-environment specific log collection. The technology enables users to track what is happening in a virtualized environment, which is required to achieve PCI DSS compliance. LogLogic delivers a virtualized environment compliance suite with direct support for VMware vCloud Director, VMware vCenter Server, VMware vSphere and the VMware vShield product line. Both enterprise and cloud providers can now automate compliance needs with LogLogic and ensure coverage for the entire vCloud Datacenter Services stack.

Approximately two-thirds of LogLogic's customers, the vendor says, report that PCI audits have become more frequent or much more frequent over the past 12 months. LogLogic is expanding support for VMware technologies so that it is "broader and smarter," Bill Roth, executive vice president of LogLogic, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "We have also expanded our ability to not only collect messages, but to understand them. We are working with VMware to understand the semantic context of their message so that we understand what it means, in order to take the appropriate action to kick off an alert or kick off a report," he explains.

In addition to PCI DSS, LogLogic also supports IT Data collection and reporting for a wide range of regulatory regimes: ISO 27002, HIPAA, COBIT, SOX, ITIL, FISMA and NERC. A rich reporting suite is available for each of these regulations. LogLogic also provides a Compliance Manager that manages reporting and workflow for each of the regulatory regimes mentioned. For more information on the LogLogic Compliance Manager, visit the LogLogic website.