LogRhythm and Cimcor Team Up to Innovate in Cybersecurity

LogRhythm, the company helping security teams stop breaches by turning disconnected data and signals into trustworthy insights, and Cimcor, an industry leader in developing innovative security and integrity software solutions, are joining forces to mitigate against modern cyberthreats and increase overall visibility into data.

LogRhythm and Cimcor’s partnership will combine the companies’ two technologies—LogRhythm’s security information and event management (SIEM) platform and the CimTrak Integrity Suite, Cimcor’s file integrity monitoring (FIM) solution—to forward controlled, reliable, and secure data ecosystems.

“The decision to partner was inspired greatly by a shared vision of innovation,” said Kish Dill, chief product and customer officer at LogRhythm. “We knew that by joining forces, together we would be in a stronger position to not only understand our customers’ pain points but also to devise solutions that are both robust and pioneering. It is a pledge to our customer base that we are here, more equipped than ever, to provide solutions that are tailored to their unique needs, presenting a united front that stands for excellence, reliability, and innovation.”

LogRhythm SIEM’s integration with CimTrak will allow it to ingest integrity data that can identify zero-day attacks, ransomware activity, and configuration vulnerability, according to the vendors. These insights are centralized from a single pane of glass, where users can either manually or automatically revert previously to any of the pre-established, trusted baselines for prompt resolution.

Whether the assets are physical, virtual, hybrid, air-gapped, or in the cloud, LogRhythm can monitor their integrity, increasing visibility. Similarly, CimTrak is equipped to function across a variety of operating systems and device types, managing the files, configurations, users, groups, policies, active directories, and more.

“Integrations such as this one with Cimcor’s CimTrak provide increased ease of use for SOC analysts and faster time to detect and respond to threats,” said Dill. “For CimTrak, the most exciting aspect is the ability to not only quickly detect threats happening at endpoints/hosts, but also to quickly respond, mitigate, and recover via the provided SmartResponse integration we have with CimTrak.”

For existing workflows in either LogRhythm or Cimcor’s solutions, the integration seamlessly enhances and streamlines workflows into the single pane of glass model offered by LogRhythm.

On top of it all, these integrated solutions are easily deployable, operating within an hour of deployment—without the need for extraneous professional services.

“LogRhythm offers extensive support for and integration across our entire product portfolio to address the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape,” said Robert E. Johnson, III, president/CEO and co-founder at Cimcor. "This partnership enables us to extend the reach of our solutions and provide customers with a comprehensive security offering. Together, we can help organizations stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and protect their most critical assets."

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