LogRhythm and SentinelOne Collaborate to Empower Security Teams to Identify Behavioral Anomalies

LogRhythm, the company empowering security teams, is partnering with SentinelOne, an autonomous cybersecurity platform company, to offer an integrated enterprise security solution to prevent, detect, and respond to threats in your environment. The combined solution streamlines security operations and improves response workflow, helping overwhelmed security teams cut through the noise and gain precise insights into cybersecurity threats, according to the vendors.

“We are thrilled to formally announce our integration with SentinelOne. This partnership brings together two remarkable platforms that will provide our customers with incomparable visibility for analysts, allowing them to cut through the noise, and recognize and respond to incidents more quickly and effectively,” said Andrew Hollister, chief information security officer at LogRhythm. “LogRhythm is committed to helping customers defend themselves against cyberattacks and we will continue to do so by partnering with leading and innovative cybersecurity companies to expand our offerings.”  

LogRhythm’s security analytics automatically incorporate rich endpoint telemetry from SentinelOne, enabling real-time threat protection and providing in-depth analytics for comprehensive security monitoring.

LogRhythm SmartResponse capability leverages the SentinelOne API to effect automated response to malicious activities, such as automatically blacklisting hash values, or disconnecting affected machines from the network, as well as providing capabilities to collect additional information during an investigation.

SmartResponse actions may be triggered directly by an Analytic running in LogRhythm’s patented Analytics Engine, or manually launched by an Analyst from the Web Console.

Key benefits of this integration include:  

  • Expanded Visibility: Centralize data collection with events from SentinelOne managed user endpoints and cloud workloads
  • Focused automation: Initiate automatic endpoint mitigation with LogRhythm SmartResponse actions
  • Reduced Complexity: Prebuilt integrations and dashboards streamline SOC operations and improve ROI

“Our XDR strategy incorporates the integrations and technologies SentinelOne customers value. We’re excited about our partnership with LogRhythm,” said Yonni Shelmerdine, VP XDR product management at SentinelOne. “LogRhythm offers extensive support for - and integration across - the Singularity XDR platform, helping our customers from around the globe protect against modern cyberattacks and reduce risk.” 

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