Logentries Launches Cloud-Based System Monitoring Service

Logentries, a cloud log management and analytics service, has introduced a new solution intended to help Dev and IT Ops proactively monitor, troubleshoot and resolve production system issues in real time. Cloud-based Logentries Anomaly Detection and Inactivity Alerting automatically notifies users when abnormal events occur or pattern deviations surpass defined thresholds.

“It’s particularly important to not only monitor errors in your logs, but proactively recognize where there has been a shift in system behavior,” said Trevor Parsons, co-founder and chief scientist for Logentries. “Our Anomaly Detection and Inactivity Alerting adds a new level of sophistication to Logentries that notifies users in real-time when something significantly changes in their system - such as application usage patterns, system response times or server resource consumption.”

Logentries users can now create real-time alerting based on the absence of expected events or a shift in system behavior patterns. Using advanced machine-learning technology, the Logentries service is enabling users to proactively detect performance and security issues, and resolve problems more quickly to improve end user experience and overall system and application performance.

With Logentries Anomaly Detection, users can set up real-time alerting based on deviations from important patterns and log events. The tools also enables users to customize Anomaly thresholds and compare different time periods.

Logentries Inactivity Alerting enables users to monitor standard, incoming events such as an application heartbeat. The tool also enables users to receive real-time alerts based on log inactivity - receive alerts when something does not occur. The product also monitors systems for specific server performance issues or configuration issues.

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