Loggly Opens Up System Logs for Troubleshooting

Loggly, a log management solution provider, has added a capability intended to provide intelligence and structure to automatically catalog and summarize logs for one-click navigation and analysis. Using the vendor’s Derived Fields and Field Explorer, development and DevOps teams can troubleshoot problems faster, more effectively monitor their log data for emerging issues, and do sanity checks after code releases without relying on cumbersome, manual queries.

“Unstructured logs are a reality for most cloud-centric companies, yet being able to efficiently mine those logs is critical for troubleshooting and delivering high application responsiveness to the business and end customers,” says Hector Angulo, head of product at Loggly. “Derived Fields are another step in our unique ‘summarize first’ strategy. Customers can now gain insight even faster and spend more of their time solving or preventing IT issues rather than finding them.”

Derived fields expand the functionality of the interface of Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer, which is designed to provide a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening, can quickly spot anomalies, understand the magnitude of issues, and search their logs with greater precision. Loggly Derived Fields extend the capabilities of Field Explorer to virtually any log type, structured or unstructured.

Derived fields are metadata, allowing for the original log data to stay intact so that logs can be analyzed in multiple ways. A user may create as many derived fields as needed from the same log events. Derived fields and Dynamic Field Explorer together help DevOps and IT professionals identify and resolve systems issues faster through more flexible and efficient log analytics.

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