Logi Analytics Breaks Down Barriers to Self-Service BI

Logi Analytics is releasing a solution to give enterprises a comprehensive platform for self-service analytics. With the release of Logi 12, the company is including a new product, Logi DataHub; a new module, Discovery Module for Logi Info; along with significant enhancements to its Logi Info business intelligence (BI) platform and Logi Vision data discovery application.

 “Logi 12 is a culmination of two years of investment and it’s all about tailoring that end user experience to each of the different types of end users but with a common technology backend,” said Steven Schneider, chief product officer at Logi Analytics.

The new product, Logi DataHub, works with Logi Info and Logi Vision to simplify data preparation and ensure high performance for self-service analytics. Previously, certain components of Logi DataHub have been available to the general public for some time, Schneider said. With DataHub, customers can rapidly connect, acquire, and blend data from files, applications or databases, whether on-premise or in the cloud; cache it in a high-performance self-tuning repository; and prepare it using DataHub’s smart profiling, joining, and intuitive data enrichment.  Logi DataHub also includes connection to a variety of databases and cloud applications as well as Excel and CSV files.

In addition, the Discovery Module, an add-on for Logi Info, offers visual analysis that can be embedded in existing applications. The module features an intuitive end user interface, including a chart recommendation that helps business users quickly understand data and discover insights faster in a self-directed environment. Users also have the ability to publish new insights to shared dashboards to collaborate with workgroups.

The platform also updates Logi Info to include new interactive visualizations, self-service dashboard authoring, and real-time charts, along with faster application development, integration with GIT and TFS, and 2x – 10x faster performance. And, Logi Vision is now more intelligent, providing business users with an improved data visualization recommendation engine that learns from user activities.

End users will now be able to have self-directed experiences, gaining access to a data set and better visualization navigation tools. “It gives them a really rich experience to explore that data set with a self-directed experience that they haven’t been previously able to do,” Schneider said. Along with end users, people who control the data, such as IT and DBA’s, have access to it and need to give it out in a controlled fashion will benefit from this new solution, according to Schneider. “This is a pretty rich offering,” Schneider said. ““We’ve already incorporated a lot of end user feedback and will continue to do so.

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