Logi Analytics Broadens Capabilities for Big Data Insights

Logi Analytics has released Logi Info 11.2, which enhances interactive analysis, visualizations, and dashboards for big data, including MongoDB, and formalized its partnership with Cloudera, a provider of Hadoop-based software services and support for the enterprise.

Specifically the Logi Analytics 11.2 release provides expanded support for MongDB, a NoSQL document oriented database; a new query builder that enables code free construction of MDX syntac for accessing data from SQL Server Analysis Services cubes; and “data shaping” technology that accepts big data sources that store data in hierarchical trees, such as web services and JSON, or document, such as MongoDB, structures. In addition, Logi Analytics has become a certified technology partner of Cloudera, enabling Logi customers to connect with CDH, Cloudera’ Distribution Including Apache Hadoop.                            

“With a combination of the Mongo piece plus this big data shaping capability, we are able to analyze all these different types of data,” said Brian Brinkmann, VP of products at Logi Analytics. These new functionalities have allowed for a simplified process of generating extremely interactive applications for analysis, dashboards, and visual aids to help deliver information through multiple facets via the web, mobile applications or through a business network. “What we are doing is giving our customers the option to retrieve that data however they want,” Brinkmann noted.

In addition, the partnership between Logi Analytics and Cloudera will allow for Logi Analytics customers to connect with CDH, giving users the opportunity to store and manage vast amounts of data, accommodating for both structured and unstructured data to build an enterprise data hub (EDH). Logi Analytics’ Logi Info platform is now certified with connectivity to Cloudera, giving customers the opportunity to put the power of information stored and managed in Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub Edition at the fingertips of anyone who needs access, no matter what role they play.

Brinkmann explained the partnership with Cloudera as “announcing to the world that we formalized our partnership, we’ve achieved certification, and increasingly we’re seeing a trend in our customer base where a Cloudera type offering is the next logical step for many of them as they are achieving certain volumes of data and types of data.”