Logi Analytics Introduces Latest Approach to Data Discovery, Logi Vision

Logi Analytics, a data analytics company, has introduced a new approach to data discovery called Logi Vision. Logi Vision aims to allow anyone, including non-data scientists, to easily analyze, socialize and visualize insights from data. Logi Analytics’ goal with Logi Vision is to enable users within the organization to not only explore data but quickly analyze that information and share it through three key patent-pending technologies within the product - DataSmart, ThinkSpace and InfoBoard.

Logi Vision enhances the Logi Analytics package by offering both a data discovery product and a business information platform, Logi Info. Logi Info and the addition of Logi Vision combine to enable Logi Analytics to address a broad range of customer use cases, the company says.

“We wanted to drive that vision forward with Logi Vision and design our data discovery product in a different way then what’s out there in the market and bring this capability to a user in the context of how they are already used to working both in applications and technologies that are very successful with the biggest users,” explained David Abramson, director of product management, Logi Analytics.

Abramson noted Logi Analytics looked into other consumer apps people are using on a day today basis to find things they could borrow from in terms of best practices. “We looked at social media apps like Twitter and Pinterest and we wanted to borrow those best practices.”

The DataSmart technology with  built-in data science is a core capability in Logi Vision. “With that data science built in we can then drive users to the best-fit visuals that match to the data that they are working with and really create a much faster, easier, more intuitive way to get out the answers that make sense for the data problems they are trying to solve,” Abramson said.  

More information on the now-available Logi Vision can be found by visiting