Logi Analytics Launches Out-of-the-Box Embedded Analytics Development Platform

Logi Analytics, provider of an embedded analytics development platform for commercial and enterprise applications, has announced the release of Logi Composer, which delivers an out-of-the-box development experience for embedded analytics.  

“Software teams are responsible for building applications with embedded analytics that help their end users make better decisions,” said Logi Analytics CEO Steven Schneider. “For these application teams to be successful, they need a development platform that’s easy to use, but also provides these teams with total control of their end users’ analytics experience. With Logi Composer, we make that possible.”

According to the company, Logi Composer enables software teams to design, build, and embed interactive dashboards and data visualizations with fast connectivity and access to modern data infrastructure - while empowering users to securely explore, analyze and share data.

With Logi Composer:

  • Developers can easily create, customize and embed data visualizations with complete control over the end user experience.
  • Embedded self-service can be tailored and configured to match the skill level of end users, while enabling them to modify and share their own visualizations.
  • z-Engine and Smart Data Connectors unlock modern data connectivity and query performance, while also working with your existing tech stack.
  • Cloud-ready microservices architecture provides application teams with elastic scale that their finance team will love and their DevOps team will respect.

The Logi Analytics portfolio—including its flagship Logi Composer, Info, Predict, and Report offerings—is used by over 2,200 application teams across several different industries including the commercial software, healthcare, financial services, federal government, state and local government, insurance, manufacturing, professional services, and telecommunications industries.

Logi Composer is now available both as a standalone embedded analytics solution and as part of the Logi Symphony subscription-based service—which provides access to all of Logi’s embedded analytics solutions for a single price.

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