Logi Analytics Partners with HP Vertica to Expand Analytics Access

Logi Analytics has introduced Logi Vision for HP Vertica, which provides native connectivity to HP Vertica to enable high-performance data discovery at scale.

According to Logi Analytics, with Logi Vision any user can analyze, visualize and socialize insights that previously were accessible only to data scientists. The solution offer the ability to drive decision-making through a recommendations approach that delivers best practices in data profiling as well as data visualization to make analysis easier for everyday business users.The solution allows these users to collaborate with tagging, searching, notes, favorites and ranking to quickly socialize those insights for better and quicker business decisions throughout the organization.

With the introduction of Logi Vision for HP Vertica, HP Vertica is now integrated with the complete suite of Logi Analytics solutions, including Logi’s business information platform, Logi Info, enabling Logi Analytics and HP Vertica customers to address a broad range of use cases – including data discovery, dashboards and reports, and embedding analytics into operational business applications.

“The HP Vertica Analytics Platform was built from the ground up to enable companies to extract value from their data at the speed and scale needed to thrive in today’s economy,” said Jeff Healey, director of product marketing, Vertica, HP. “By teaming with Logi Analytics, we’re better positioned to deliver analytics to every knowledge worker and decision maker.”

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